6 outstanding ways to improve your Melbourne website’s SEO

SEO is a great way to boost the search engine ranking of your site. But many people use bad practices. These ineffective practices must be replaced with content-focused and strategic methods. Here are six great ways to improve SEO of your site.

Find keywords strategically

SEO campaign will fail without proper keyword research. It forms the groundwork for your SEO campaign. The keyword phrases you choose should be specific to your business. It should have a conversational tone and not a marketing voice. You should choose long-tail keywords. You need to publish contents all the time and include the keywords naturally.

Use an original approach

You should avoid publishing duplicate content on your site. Republishing articles from other sites, you lead to copyright infringement. It can also lower your site’s ranking. You should use tools like ‘CopyScape,’ ‘SiteLiner,’ etc. After you write an article, run your article through these tools and see if there is any duplicate content or not.

Adjust the site’s internal links and navigation

Navigation plays a vital role in how the search engine conceives your page. You should have a page linked to within your website. So, the more PageRank flow your site has, the higher ranking it will get in search engines. So, you should structure your internal link flow properly. You can use tools like ‘SiteLiner’ or ‘Screaming Frog’ to optimize your site’s navigation, PageRank flow, and internal link structure.

Optimize your on-site elements

Title tags and meta descriptions are essential for SEO. You should have title tags and meta descriptions on each page of your website. These must be relevant and optimized. Titles and descriptions that are too short or too long can have negative effects on your SEO efforts. H1 tags, internal and external links, content length, bullet points, ads, text formatting, and images also affect your SEO campaign. For more information about creating SEO campaigns for Melbourne businesses see more here.

Optimize the site’s load speed

Load speed of a site is important for search engine rankings. It affects the converting rates of customers. According to Amazon, a one-second increase in page load speed will cost a company $1.6 billion in lost sales every year. A study has also found out that 40% of visitors leave a site if the site takes more than three seconds to load. You can check your site’s load time using the tool ‘Pingdom.’

Earn links, instead of buying

Both quantity and quality of inbound links affect the website’s ranking significantly. Many people are tempted to buy links, but it is not a good strategy. Search engines can now detect suspicious and unnatural links easily. So, if you buy or sell links, the ranking of your site can fall. You should create good contents for your site that will earn you links.

The content you create for your SEO must be natural. The readers should not get the feeling that you are trying to optimize your site. By using these tips, you will be able to rank your site higher than your competitors.

D Brown