5 reasons why your Google ranking drops

You may suddenly find one morning that your ranking in Google has dropped! It is a nightmare indeed. You might have spent money getting to the top of the ranking, and now all is wasted. Here are some reasons why your ranking drops.

Because of penalty

Ranking drops happen overnight because of penalty. If you see that your site suddenly drops to more than 10 to 20 positions, then you know that it’s because of the penalty. There are two types of penalties: algorithmic and manual. The algorithmic penalties are automatic and occur due to various Google updates. The second type of penalty is applied manually by Google employee. You should constantly monitor your ranking and see if there is any drop.

Your competitors managed to get a higher rank

You will experience a slight drop in ranking if your competitor outranks you. You should visit your competitor’s site and see what they are doing. Then come up with strategies to beat them.

On-page issues

Your ranking will slowly start to fall if you have on-page issues. You should check your site in ‘GWT’ and see if there is any problem. You may have broken or bad internal links. You can use the HTML Improvements feature to find out any problem with tags.

For losing links

Your site may have a slight or big drop if it loses links. You should check your site’s lost link in the past 90 days. If you find lots of lost links, check out those links.

Google updates

Google often updates its algorithm for which your ranking may drop. You should check SEO news site to know possible updates. You need to find out what has changed in the algorithm.

You should monitor the ranking of your website all the time. Whenever you see a drop in your ranking, you must understand that it is due to the reasons mentioned above. You should take action immediately to solve the problem.

D Brown