4 SEO techniques you must avoid

You have to be cautious when you are doing SEO. There are some techniques that can get you penalized. You should avoid these techniques by all means.

Spammy guest blogging

You shouldn’t use guest blogging to get links. You should know the difference between legitimate guest blogging and spammy guest blogging. You should practice guest blogging, but with caution. You should avoid writing irrelevant content in your guest posts.

Optimized anchors

Anchor text with keywords was used to improve the SEO ranking. It used to work earlier, but it doesn’t work anymore. The optimized anchor is an anchor text that uses keywords. These keywords are the ones according to which you want to rank your site; for example, ‘top SEO site.’ You should avoid having optimized anchor texts. You should use safe anchors instead.

Quantity of links over quality

Many companies purchase backlinks. But getting dozens of cheap backlinks will drop your SEO ranking. Link building is important, but you should go for quality link building. The authority and validity of the sites are important. So, get good genuine links for your site.

Contents heavy with keywords

Keyword stuffing is a bad practice. It was an earlier trick used in SEO, but it is considered to be a bad practice now. You might even get penalized for keyword stuffing. You should focus on adding more contents. You should be careful when including long tail keywords.

Proper Search engine optimisation is a long-term strategy to rank your business higher. You should avoid the above mistakes so that your rank doesn’t go down due to a penalty or other reasons.

D Brown